Summer Camp at Starlight

May 29th – August 10th, 2018

Come join us for hours of fun at Starlight Summer Camp!

We will have gymnastics, games, creative play, crafts etc…

Free Starlight t-shirt for all campers when registered.

Camp is for ages 3 and up!  Monday – Friday – Hours are 9:00am-3:00pm

$15 Non-refundable Registration fee for non-Starlight students.  50% Deposit is required upon registration.  Purchase camp by the day $40 or by the week $175.00 per child.  We do offer a sibling discount.

Summer Camp Week 2 begins Monday 6/4.

If you have signed up for camp week 2 we have a few reminders:

 Arrival time is 9:00 am
unless you have purchased early arrival.  Early arrival begins at 8:00 am and is $5.00 per ½ hour.
All children are to be signed in
with your initials and arrival time and the same for afternoon pickup.   
Weekly balance needs
to be paid the first day of the week your child attends camp.  The sign in sheet will have your balance noted.
Pack a lunch!  We will provide a morning snack –
if your child has food allergies pack them a snack for the morning.
If they have an epi pen we need to have that at the desk for emergencies – label it in a bag, it will need to be brought every day.
Label backpack and lunchboxes and water bottles
with names!!!  Remember to check their cubby and surrounding floor when you pick them up.
Friday is water play day weather permitting. 
If your child is here for that day they should wear their swim suits into the gym in the morning and pack a change of clothes and please apply sunscreen prior to arrival.
Sometimes crafts can be messy,
please do not send children wearing “nice” clothes.  We do have paint shirts we will provide to them on those messy days to help protect.  We normally use washable glue, markers and paints.
Younger children may occasionally have a potty accident...
please regularly pack them a change of clothes. 
If you have a person other that yourself or the emergency contact on your registration form that will pick your child up we must have this in writing.  This includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitter, nanny, carpool parent etc.  If they aren’t on your form or written permission your child cannot leave with them.
We hope your child(ren) is enjoying camp!  We sure love having them here!
Please see our website for more information or call us 260-4866 or