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We are hiring Experienced Coaches for our Team and Recreational Programs!

Energetic, Positive, Fun and Professional Coaches!

Please email us your resume to starlight@starlightjax.com !

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 Starlight is a well-respected, year-round, educational gymnastics school that is known nationwide for its programs.

 Higher, Faster, Stronger!

 Teaching, learning and fun are the cornerstones of the programs offered by Starlight Gymnastics.

Why take gymnastics?

Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children is physical: developing coordination, improving flexibility and building strength and power. Other experts say that the benefits are of the mind: learning to listen and follow directions, gaining self-esteem and confidence, goal-setting skills and concentration. What is right? We at Starlight Gymnastics say, without a doubt, it is BOTH. In fact, professional gymnastics training should be a requisite for all children who want to learn how to become the best they can be. We believe gymnastics is for all children, regardless of talent and ability.  That is why here at Starlight our programs provide the necessary education to give the opportunity for each Starlight student to get the full benefit of what gymnastics teaches .